Ghost in the Construct

Adapting ghost in the shell for dnd 3.5


People have adapted to having Constructs regularly in there lives, many doing hard work – mining, transporting, building – and many people have smaller personal constructs working for them, doing house work ect.

These are mass produced by a collage of wizards who use the prophets from selling them to fund the collage. It is so prolific that entire schools are devoted to making constructs, some to making new models, some to finding cheaper ways, some to speshalising in producing them with experts making them faster.

The school has become so prolific that the political weight they carry strangles any opposition, however because of people rely upon the constructs and the number of “incidents” is low, the populous see them as benevolent. Behind the closed doors of the collage, however, there are factions fighting in the collage over dominance.

Some clame the capital has more constructs than people, and with outdated constructs maintaining souers, that may well be true. There are people however who feel that they are temperamental for society, pushing apart people.

The reliance on personal constructs drops as you get further from the capital, being expensive to transport and the country folk being poorer than there city counterparts. Most small towns only have a cupple of them, mainly out of date and used for maintaining public property.

Ghost in the Construct

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