The Red of Autumn

A stereotypical opening awaits the party…


The party arrives in Angern, a small town near the northern border of [] with []. A yearly carnival is on, a last celebration before the winter snows. The sun is low in the sky casting an deep orange light through the remaining tree leaves. The streets are full of merry people, sharing local news and boasting of crop yealds. Tents are scatted about serving warm food and strong ales, their rich colours blending with the season. The sweet scent of apple and the ritch smell of pork swam around you. A few guards are walking through the crowds, but all walking with the artificial stability of a man who has had a few drinks. Music tingles in the air; all giving a magical mix for all of the senses.

Along the main street, several stores offer trinkets made from local materials; necklasses, rings, poetry. One store in particular has a lot of custom selling engraved bear mugs and wine chalases. There a few con-men trading cheep tricks and fortune tellers from ‘distant lands’, but money rolls non the less.

There are several inns, most filling quickly with happy drunks.

The first night:

Late during the autumn celebration, when the sky is dark and the streets emptying, the guards drunk and the men passed out. A small group of people (5) enter the town along the main road, people don’t pay them any attention thinking that they are just late comers. They stride along the road with dark hoods covering their faces from the dim lanterns. As far as one can tell, they are unarmed without backpacks. They start to peel off each taking position along the road,a few hundred meters apart. Each pulls out a small light signalling to the others. Upon receiving the signal from each of his fellows, the dark figure closest to the entrance opens his cloke pulling out a horn. taking a deep breath and blowing deeply, a soundless message travels through the air. a swarm of hooded men, this time in dark armer carrying weapons enter the town from several directions. They start to set alight houses and the tents left for the night, the flames growing,the heat burning and the dark night being no more. Screams echo across the sky, and the sound of metal clashing start to rise as the citizens start to realise there peaceful night is no more.

Woken by the sounds of the screams, the acrid smell of smoke filtering into the room. Several people are stood in the hallways, mostly portly men and buxom women, merchants from near by towns and farm girls. No one who has held a weapon in self defence.



If you examine stars you see several of the hooded men killing the last man standing,

“Search the room for valuables, then burn the building down.”

Says one of the hooded men, before turning and walking out the door. The men start to search the room, you have the option to kill them


If you head down stars


If you climb out the window

Group of hooded men run to attack the town hall. Go fight them. Save guy. The hooded pull back, without observable (horn) effect. Dead bodes are all a single race.

You save the local Duke, temp, who was visiting Angern for the festival.

The Morning After

The town tries to recover from the nights raid, those alive morn the dead. Mothers cry for sons, farthers cry out for revenge and children wonder the streets lost in the streets they grew up in. temp and the town leaders set about organising the recovery effort, temp has asked for you to meet him in the inn Pigs Snout, the largest still standing building where they leaders are working from.

There are people running in and out of the inn, young boys running out carrying paper, running in reporting what losses have occurred. You see a man above the crowds yelling out to all near that temp will be making a speech and all should come to hear.

As you go in, the buzz of talk makes it hard to hear a single word said, a man runs up to you asking you to follow him. Leading you to the top, 3rd, floor where many of the walls have been removed to allow for the hustle of people running back and forth. As you walk up to him talking to several people, he notices you and dismisses them.





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