Do several early level jobs in a northern borderland town Angern, at least one with a heavy focus on the town, for a nobleman who turns out to be a friend to King Harald Von Merryweather. Meanwhile rummer start to spread about a war breaking out along the northern border with the country [name placer 2], not a weeks ride from Angern (maybe). Quests mainly fetch-like, some times objects, some times info.

Kings and Pawns

Due to repeated reliability, nobleman asks for you to accompany him to his manner where he will be receiving the king – his movements where secret, so only trusted people are hired to secure the manner. Oh, assassins? you have to find them and stop them, but cant show a link to [name placer 2], maybe a third party?

Then king + noble let you in on plan, near Angern there are underground ruins of a long forgotten civilisation. modern weaponry and metal working is better, but reports have claim magic of the like unseen – reports of monsters swarming in the ruins (undead?). But due to the proximity to [name placer 2], they don’t want to start a full scale excavation and send squads to exterminate the monsters, can’t trust his own men. You are put in charge of a team of scolers to go and assess the value of the ruins. Your job is to make sure that they are safe while doing a preliminary inspections. Many rewards will be yours.

Deeper Underground

The ruin’s floor plan can be recognised as the shape of a spell, if noticed then you can further notice that the entire building is a 3D spell, a novel concept.

While there, somehow you go deeper to find something that looks powerful/expensive. When taken out of the ruin (still in cave, the walls start to glow and bright, pale blue lights shine from within the ruin, a hunghting groan as the the stones seem to twist, shards of stone splintering of the walls. anyone within … ft have to make a reflex roll or take damage.

The smooth walls now are coved with spikes of rock. giving the ruin a very evil look. The light dims to a mist, out of the mists walk a tall man shaped figure clad in armour which seems to suck all light into it.

[Name placer] was the cause of the fall of the civilisation that built the ruin, this was there last stand where they sacrificed them self to trap [Name placer]. You released him, getting past the defences that survived the aeons since they where place, and taking the soul stone out off the ruin.

He thanks you, and as a reward will not kill you. With this he disappears.

Iron Monastery

Upon reporting back, you find out that the king and noble are along the border fighting back a skirmish. After reporting, he says the battle is more pressing at the moment. A monastery lies on a hill nearby, [name placer 2] seems to be after capturing it. It holds both moral and tactical advantage, archers places there can rain fire down upon the kings army. The monistery its self is very much like a keep, built so to repell bandits and the likein despret cases of self defence. They wont get involved in the war as they have no stake in who owns the land. The king doesn’t have archers placed there as the monastery is holy ground and the god promotes pacifism. The king asks you to go along on to help recapture/defend the monastery.

You take a small force in the area to capture defend the monistery. Firece fighting takes place at the monistery gates, the … haven’t had time to fortify it yet. Once taken you notice a larger force marching upon your position. You have time to set up defence and sould be able to hold it for a few hours of unrelenting attack.

During the attack, the air accross the battle feild turns ice cold, steam rises from the masses of dead bodys. the solders assalting the monistery start to begin to break, moral servealy shaken. From what you can tell, the kings army seems to be retreating too.


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